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Sunrise Mountain sweeps Western

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The Sunrise Mountain volleyball team won 25-13, 25-21, and 25-23 in an unforgettable two-hour game against Western.

The crowd went wild as senior libero Elijah Bright served the game winning ace point. Before the game, Coach Teague previewed her thoughts on what was to come.

“I’m always excited,” Coach Teague pointed out. “Never will I say I don’t care if we win or lose. In my eyes, I think these guys are a really good team. This is probably the best game yet because it should be in our favor.”

Emerald Acasili had 11 kills, and 12 digs, Tee Williams had 3 kills and 3 digs and 1 block, and Charles Thomas had 3 kills and 1 block.

Western scored the first point of game three. Pedraza serves but the Miners quickly lose the ball. Noel Salinas is traded into the game to serve and they get another ace. Glenn gets a kill, but the Miners begin trailing 6-5.

Salinas is traded with Da’Shaun Arthur, as Manzo serves. The score is 7-7, as Acasili gets another kill and the score becomes 8-7 and then 9-7.

Western scores and takes 13-10 lead and eventually 16-12. Acasili serves and the game score goes to 17-15. Western attempted a serve and Williams blocked the ball.

“We practiced hard,” said Acasili. “After the loss (previous game) we decided and talked about it in the group chat. Every time we have a practice, we’re going to be serious and not fool around. That’s why our blocks and covers are good.”

The game escalated even more as the score went to 18-18 to 21-21 and finally the anticipation really rose when the score was tied 23-23.

Two more points and the Miners win, or Western takes this to a fourth game. The Miners begin to call out and the score becomes 24-25. One more point and they win it all.

Bright takes the serving position and gets an ace, as the Miners beat Western. The crowd shouts and the Miners show their respect towards Western.

Flash back to the first game. and Acasili hit the ball out of bounds as Western earned the first point. When two of Western’s players went for the ball at the same time and missed, the Miners earned their first point of the game

Pedraza served two times and the game went from 1-1 to 4-1 quickly. However, the Miners were inconsistent until Thomas began to serve. It was as if he knew exactly where to position the ball, while Acasili was able to make the necessary kills.

The score jumped to 10-4 as Thomas was able to serve again. The game was clearly intensifying as the Miners kept scoring. Thomas served three more times before the ball goes out of bounds.

Western serves and Proby hits the ball out of bounds, but the Miners still clapped supportably. Coach Teague yells “lets go.” The score is currently 14-7 when Western loses the ball, and Manzo takes the serving position.

“You can’t put nobody down,” said Thomas about supporting the team when mistakes are made. “They’ll be focused on what they did wrong, instead of what they right.”

Thomas gets a kill, and so does Acasili who digs also digs low as well. And Manzo slides on the ground as he digs the ball. The score goes to 21-12 as Acasili up to serve. His first serve hits perfectly. 22-12, and his second serve misses.

“Emerald worked with me in practice,” Thomas said. “He taught me how to perfect my serve and coach Teague is always on me.”

The score is now 22-13. Western has the ball and the score is 23-13, but they lose it quickly. Thomas serves again and that’s the end of game 1, as the final score is 25-13.

Game two began as Manzo serves first, starting the game at 1-0. He serves again, and the energy becomes higher as Western begins fighting for the ball.

Acasili hit the ball out of bounds. Pedraza serves and Western passes the ball back over the net when Thomas accidently touches the ball. The score is 4-3.

Pedraza serves the ball out of bounds and Western begins to serve. The Miners quickly get the ball back and the score becomes 6-6.

Finks serves, and Western passes the ball the back nicely. Manzo takes the serving position. The score is 17-8.

Bright serves and Proby gets a kill. Bright serves again, and coach Teague calls time out. De’Shaun Arthur serves, and the score stands at 19-10.

“We like to give each other support and motivation to finish,” said Da’Shaun Arthur. Diego Ayon also pointed out, “We’re not perfect but we want to shake it off and get back together. There’s nothing we can’t handle.”

Pedraza took the serving position and served back to back gaining aces as De’Shaun helped assist. The score stood at 21-18, when Thomas began serving.

The Miners stood at 23-19, Western began chanting “warriors” and Williams begins passing extremely well and the game ends at 25-21.

“We’re doing well because we’re a team,” said Ayon. “You want to help them and support them. You feel like a family.”

“It was a tough match and both teams played really well,” said Western player Bernado Jimenez. “On court and practice we both put in hard work, sweat and effort. We all learn from experiences.”

The Miners feel the exact same way when it comes to competition, sportsmanship, and teamwork. They’ve all doted on practicing hard to ensure growth as a team.

“We’re super close as a team,” Proby added. “When there are six on the court we got each other’s back.”

“We helped each other keep going,” said De’Shaun Arthur. “Don’t let down or give up.” Glenn also added. “Because rather you make a mistake or not you still have to focus on the game, so we encourage the team.”

“Really it was because we practiced on what we needed to work on and it helped us improve on what we needed to do in the game.” Williams concluded.


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Sunrise Mountain sweeps Western