Play On! is another successful school play

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Esmeralda Preciado

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LIGHTS CAM- lights ! Lights???? What do you mean they’re not set yet!?!?!?!?

Perfect example of how the opening night of “Play On!” went Wednesday night.

This light comedy is sure to have you laughing out loud as it did to a few audience members.

A play about a group of actors putting on a play sounds confusing, but it’s clear when they’re rehearsing their play since they have the English accent during that.

Bridget LaBonney sure did have me shaking when her shouting was heard throughout the theatre as Geradline “Gerry” Dunbar.

A director with a cast who could not remember their lines, a stage manager who seemed to not care for stage cues AND a playwright who is determined to be a part of the process by wanting to rewrite everything sure is a recipe for yelling- a lot.

Whether it was bossing around Aggie Manville (Kirsten Gonzalez) for not taking notes or yelling at Louise Peary (Laylonni Clarke) when she got a cue wrong or not at all and deleted the set tapes, LaBonney made Gerry the most memorable character.

Portia Bingham’s portrayal of the playwright who probably wishes she could act was fantastic and hilarious, jumping on stage opening night when things weren’t going according to the script had the crowd doubling over in laughter, wanting to rewriting the play four days before opening night caused for more drama between her character Phyllis Montague and director Geraldine (goes by Gerry).

Ricky Espinosa who played Stephen Sellers as well as Billy Carewe and Stephanie Keen playing Diana Lassiter and Violet Imbry definitely had the chemistry the characters were implied to have adding a natural vibe to the overall play. Stephanie did a great job, as this was her first appearance on stage performing.

Juvenal De Santiago Soto played the perfect deceiving character of Dr. Rex Forbes as well as the hilarious Saul Watson who loves throwing jabs at Polly Benish played by Selena Espinosa, who certainly did not appreciate the weight jokes. Seriously, she flipped a chair when he did. She gets extremely jealous when her husband Henry Benish (Hunter Dunn) says so much as a nice thing to anything that’s not a man. Those two add a lighter feel to the play; I’d say they’re the relatable characters.

Who knew a play about a murder could be so funny? This is what made the director kind of angry … well, everything made her angry from the way they pronounced a word to a simple question the actors had.

The costumes used in the play were absolutely perfect. The dresses and tuxedos on the characters looked really well fitted and the wigs didn’t look too bad. The sets were also nicely done; they really added the old time feel their setting required.

Definitely worth checking out !! Showtimes April 27th starting at 6 p.m. and a matinee Saturday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $2 in advance or $5 at the door.


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Play On! is another successful school play