Sunrise Mountain Changes Grading System To 60/40

Shamil Ilumin, Staff Writer

The Sunrise Mountain grading system changed again this year. With the idea of putting more emphasis on classwork, the school has shifted to a 60/40 ratio.

Last year the grading system was 80/20, with 80 percent of students’ grades going towards summative projects, such as tests and quizzes, while 20 percent of their grade is directed towards classwork.

“The reason we changed it is to benefit the students,” principal Ms. Llapur said “The grades from last year were not what I expected so I got together with the innovative school team and voted. That’s when we decided it would be best and fair to students if we changed it to 60/40.”

When some teachers were asked about the grading system, they all had positive things to say.

“I love it!” said health teacher Mr. Schwing. “I think it makes students more responsible for their grades.”

“I believe it’s a good thing,” said social studies teacher Mr. Rush “It gets people ready for the final assesment.”

Other teachers said it encourages the students to do their formative assignments now that they know it’s 40 percent instead of 20 percent and it doesn’t put so much weight on one type of assignment.

When students were asked they seemed to like the grading system better too.

“It’s better than the 80/20,” said sophomore Karen Herrera. “There’s a better chance the kids are gonna do more of their homework knowing it’s a big part of their grade.”

“The new grading system is a big chance for sunrise,” said junior Alyssa Bohac. “Now that our formative assessments are a bigger part of our grade it would help your grade if you fail a test.”