Sunrise Adds A Third Dean To Its Staff This Year

Maria Ibarra, Staff Writer

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Some of the students at Sunrise Mountain may know that the school has three deans this year.

The two new deans are Ms. Leonard and Ms. Loewy. The two join Ms. Garbutt, who joined the staff late in the year as the three deans.

Many might wonder why we have three deans for one high school, since high school is a bigger school it is harder to keep up with all the students so they decide to add one more dean on the administration team.

“That is the decision we made together as an administration team, before and there we really only had one and a real dean Mr. Ronqullio. He wasn’t an official dean, but he worked as one and then he left,” said principal Ms. Llapur. “Not that we have a lot of discipline issues in this school, but lasts year, we weren’t able to keep up with the tardy’s , detention, etc.”

This school year having three official deans just doesn’t help keep the students in check but also helps the teachers out. It helps with teachers because now the students that don’t act respectful in class get discipline right away. So having three deans doesn’t just help the administration but also it helps the school to become better.

“Since last year was a struggle with the academic detention and (regular) detentions, it kept bugging the administration so the deans now have everything in check and everything up to date,” added Llapur.

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