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CLUB PROFILE: Student Council

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CLUB PROFILE: Student Council

Photo by Kylie Dreitzler

Photo by Kylie Dreitzler

Photo by Kylie Dreitzler

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Who is in Student Council?

The students who comprise of Student Council are elected and appointed students, those who want to be inside Student Council. The majority of the club is consistently female, but this demographic switches after high school.

What does Student Council do?

“They do a variety of things” said advisor Mr. Jame,s the teacher in charge of Student Council. Student Council is essentially those who attend the school having say in school business.

James explains it like a “student government.” There are a number of positions that students can fill, including President, Vice President, and treasurer.


Why is Mr James the head of Student Council?

“When I first joined the school it was another teacher who was advisor, I was the co-advisor,” James said. This was back when the school first opened.

“Eventually the advisor left the state and I was placed as the advisor, I love it I can’t imagine not being head of Student Council,” James said.

Under Mr James

Student Council has won a vast amount of awards under Mr James. In state awards, it has received the “Silver Star Award,” a Nevada Student Council award for school dances, meetings, and building community.

Even more impressively Sunrise Mountains Student Council has won “the National Council of Excellence,” award six years in a row. The award is given by the National Student Council, a community which includes National Junior Honors Society.


Why should you join?

“It helps build character,” James said, when asked about this. Student Council is responsible for such things as book drives, blood drives, public and community service.

“You’ll learn things about yourself and you gain a better perspective,” James said.

Student Council also provides teamwork for both students and teachers, allowing a better sense of school pride for some.

“It even helps you with public speaking,” James adds. “Something a lot of people struggle with.”

All in all Student Council can help you achieve a higher potential.


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