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Cross Country Team Braces For A New Season

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It’s a new year for the cross country team, which graduated a large portion of their team after last season and will have a new coach to re-start the program this year in coach Ray.

“This year we have a new look, a new image” says Ray. “We are starting from the bottom and we are slowly trying to build our way up.”

The boys in the team are Kevin Parela, Daniel Vazquez, Antony Hernandez, Kevin Torres, and Jose Aguilar. The only returning player he has from last year is Nathan Areno. The girls in the team consists of Dianna Rivas and Esmeralda Flores.

Last season, the team didn’t do so well. Coach Ray believes it was because the team hasn’t met the required number of team members it needs.

This Thursday, September 13, you can catch the team at Boulder City for their first record.

“Cross country tends to be pretty competitive and challenging,” said Ray. “The more members you have, the merrier.”

“The team is small but they’re pretty cool people and I’m excited to be playing with them,” junior Kevin Torres said.

Torres believes that it isn’t about how many players there are, it’s about their hard work and the effort everybody will be putting in.


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