More Parents Should Be Going To Open House

Photo by Kylie Dreitzler

Photo by Kylie Dreitzler

Mia Parra, Staff Writer

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Open house is to bring everyone together to show parents how and what school is really about. But some parents attend not to go.

But why? Some students really don’t tell their parents because they can get in trouble by the teachers telling how they are doing in school.

“Some parents might think it’s boring, the parents should already know by the school informing them with letter,” said junior Aaliyah Parra about Open House which will be on Thursday, Sept. 13th from 6-8 p.m.

“Because they don’t want parents to know what they are doing, and it is boring,” said sophomore Lailani Bautista.

Of course, Open house is meant to allow parents to meet their children’s teacher and to better understand what their children do during the day. Parents can learn how you are doing and show your parents around where your classes are at.

And also you can show them around where any other classes are at.

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More Parents Should Be Going To Open House