College & Scholarship Night Hits Sunrise On Wednesday

Leslie Duran, Staff Writer

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Most high school kids are looking forward to graduating and going to college. A big worry is the amount of money you have to pay for college.

Sunrise Mountain is hosting a College and Scholarship Night on Wednesday, Sept. 19 to inform you of everything you need to know if you want to go to college.

Sunrise will be hosting a night to help all seniors get ready an important part of life, college. It can be a very stressful part of life but you can get through it.

They will be giving a lot of information to help you know more on how to get ready for college and what you can do in school to help you be ready.

This night will help you get informed on what the requirements are in order to get into colleges nearby.

GPA’s are very important when getting a scholarship. So when you go make sure you ask important questions to help you.

“The Millennium Scholarship can help. Only one with a 3.25 GPA plus a fourth year in math and a third year in science can get it,” Conrad Courtney said.

If you’re struggling to get the scholarship, there are also other ways to get the money. Asking the government for some help  will also be a way to get money.

“FAFSA,” said Courtney, “starting Oct. 1, you can  get a pin number and put your parents information to get federal money.”

You also have to be aware that every scholarship is different in every state. For example, the millennium scholarship offers up to $10,000 dollars, but will only be offered here in Nevada.

On the night of, they will be giving a lot of information on every scholarship they have to offer here. So if you are looking for help on scholarships, go on the night of Sept. 19th to get help.

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