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Krypto is a club for everyone that’s wants to be able use mental instead of always using a sheet of paper.

Krypto is club of all grades and is trying to have the students that are in the club be prepared for the tournaments that are coming up. Krypto is also a club that helps in math if a student’s needs it but however it is not tutoring.

“Krypto helps us to use certain numbers and divide by certain numbers without using calculators however the club is fun  because we got to meet different people that we became friends with also he always offers snacks to motivate us to keep going and to be more in to it,” said freshman Traveon Pangelian.

Krypto is club for friends that wants to do something together and also wants to be more into school activities.

“Krypto includes the series of the five numbers and a target number so all in total of six numbers, however you need to know what your target number is so you use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and come up with an operation to find the target number,” said freshman Jasmyne Colmon.


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