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Forsythe, Escobedo Crowned Homecoming King, Queen

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Forsythe, Escobedo Crowned Homecoming King, Queen

Photo by Joel Villacana

Photo by Joel Villacana

Photo by Joel Villacana

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Seniors Alondra Escobedo and Zackary Forsythe were crowned Homecoming King and Queen Friday night during halftime of the Homecoming football game.

Both went to Homecoming all four years they’ve been here at Sunrise Mountain and although it’s Escobedo’s first time running as Homecoming royalty, Forsythe has done it has won four straight years at each grade level.

Escobedo didn’t really have faith in herself winning so she was surprised at the outcome.

“I was thinking to myself,” Escobedo said. “Sandy (Gallegos)? Yeah I’d vote for her.”

Forsythe, on the other hand, was glad he won, although it was a forgone conclusion as he ran unopposed.

“It was my fourth year winning so I felt happy,” said Forsythe.

To the two, Homecoming was exciting and fun.

“In all the 4 years I’ve gone I would say this year was the best one,” said Escobedo.

Like others the king and queen both agree Homecoming this year at Sunrise Mountain was really good and definitely improved from last year’s event.

They both also agreed that more people should have ran for Homecoming royalty. While the king was happy he won he wishes he had some type of competition so that it would’ve been more interesting.

“It just got handed to me so it didn’t really feel special,” said Forsythe.

“Definitely more people should’ve ran,” Escobedo said. “I think there were some that dropped out which was a little unfortunate.”

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