Folklorico Places Third In Adult Competition In California

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Folklorico Places Third In Adult Competition In California

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October 27th, 2018 marks the day that the SMHS Folklorico group placed third out of about 80 other adult groups. They performed in Anaheim marketplace, CA against adult groups that have danced together for years.

This was Folkloricos first time competing. They attempted before, however, they didn’t have enough people when it came time.

Senior Diego Aburto described the place as a pretty outdoor swap meet, holding a small carnival and explained that it was more comforting than the fancy place they imagined.

“We definitely didn’t expect to place,” explained senior Brianna Escobedo. “We were the only outside group whereas everybody else was from Cali and most of the people were grown and had been performing with their groups for years in advance.”

Freshman Jazmin Villezcas added on saying that it was at one point overwhelming, but after practicing and repeatedly going over the routine, fixing certain mistakes, they felt more at ease.

Apparently all the practicing paid off once they had announced that the group had placed third.

“To be a great dancer one has to love what they do and what they are learning to do,” stated Folklorico teacher Karla Villalobos- Cardenas. “I am very proud to call them my students.”


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