English Teacher Mr. Zaldana Recognized For Achievements At UNLV

Estefanie Tinoco, Staff Writer

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English teacher, Mr. Zaldana was recently recognized for his great achievements and positive view on students.

The University Of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) recognized high school teachers who have made a difference to their students.

“A student, Lizbeth Escobar, who was actually a valedictorian last year, said that I inspired her and that I and motivated her to continue learning,” said Zaldana. “They asked her for names of teachers that have had a positive impact in her life, she wrote about me, and that’s why I got the award.”

He received a certificate in his name for being a great teacher and later given dinner, a really nice event, as said.

“I think it was awesome! I felt humbled, I wasn’t expecting it and I think it’s good to be recognized because sometimes teachers aren’t recognized,” Zaldana said. “It’s good to know that I have impacted even one student like that, yeah it was fulfilling.”

Zaldana wasn’t the only one recognized for his great positive structure.

They were many teachers from schools in Nevada and even outside Nevada.

“ I knew other teachers from different schools, but I was the only one from our school this time,” Zaldana said.

Sometimes a little can go along way, you really don’t know how you influence someone until you get recognized for it.

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