There Still Is Time To Join A Club And Get Involved

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There Still Is Time To Join A Club And Get Involved

Photo by Lizveth Dominguez

Photo by Lizveth Dominguez

Photo by Lizveth Dominguez

Shamil Joy Marzan Ilumin, Staff Writer

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Here at Sunrise Mountain we have a variety of clubs that you can join. There is still time to join and participate in clubs this year.

In Krypto Club they play a math based game called krypto to practice basic operations and quick mental math skills. Mr. McDonald recommends students to join the club because he has a good group of fun-loving students that you can be a part of. They meet every Friday in room 815.

“They come in here to learn and enjoy themselves,” said McDonald, “so if they enjoy a challenge they are more than welcome to come join.”

Art Club gives students who are experienced and not so experienced a chance to make fun projects, express themselves, and be around others that they can relate to. They meet every Wednesday in room 512. The creator of this creative club is Ms. Brown.

The Thespian Honor Society is a good club to join if you are interested in tech and/or acting because it gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other schools to focus on each other’s experiences. It can be a source of information and scholarships for colleges and universities. They meet the first Thursday of every month for organizational meetings, and the last Thursday every month for activities in room 211 or the theater. The advisor of this club is Dr. Jeff Daucher.

The Varsity Bowl is a club that allows students to answer academic style questions in math, science, current events, and English to get them ready for varsity bowl quiz. This club was made because Ms. Butler was interested in varsity quiz and wanted to find students that wanted to participate. She personally believes that it does help the students in school and encourages more students to join. They meet every Tuesday in room 1215.

“If they enjoy academic challenges, competitions, and answering questions, I’m sure they would enjoy it,” said Butler.

The Equality club is a club where you can socialize with other kids and encourage one another. This is a good place to be yourself and create bonds with people you never even knew you’d talk to. This club meets with Ms. Childree every Thursday.

If you are interested in chess, this club is the one for you. Chess Club fosters a positive environment for students to learn and/or compete in chess. They meet with Mr. Ferra every Tuesday in room 713.

If you are interested in technology, you should join the Coding Club. This club provides a positive environment for students to learn how to program computers, robotics, or websites. This club also meets with Mr. Ferra but every Wednesday in room 713.

The AP Club is a good club to be a part of if you’re a student who has AP classes and isn’t the most sure about taking the test. In this club Mr. LaMothe helps the students be prepared for the AP test.

Skills USA is a CTSO which stands for “career and technical student organization”. People who participate in this club are able to be go be a part of competitions. You will have a chance to meet and compete with other schools to show your skills. If you are interested in joining you can meet Mr. Price and the rest of the club in room 610 every Wednesday.

HOSA stands for “Health Occupation for Students of America”. It is created by and for students who are interested in the health field. Ms. Zhou believes students should join because it gives them a chance to explore the health field. They meet every Wednesday in room 1103.

“They’ll meet more like-minded people and have an opportunity to ask more questions to find if they are interested in that type of field,” said Zhou.

The Interact club is all about giving. Students get to plan events for volunteer work like community volunteering. If you’re more about giving them receiving this club is the one for you. They meet with Mr. Moshides every Thursday in room 1309.

The Robo-tech club is a Robotics Team that provides students all the training they need to have successful building skills for the future. If you are also looking to find a career in STEM this club can help with that. They meet with Mr. Nguyen every Tuesdays – Fridays in room 606/607.

Folklorico was created to show Mexico’s cultural roots and helps students from our city and school to learn the art of folklore. This club meets with Ms. Cardenas every Tuesday and Thursday in room 319 (dance room).

National Honor Society recognizes outstanding students to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, adn to develop character in the students of secondary schools. They meet with Mr. Rush and/or Ms. Laramie every other Tuesday in room 1303.


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There Still Is Time To Join A Club And Get Involved