Band Puts Forth Top-Notch Concert

Sarah Johnson, Staff Writer

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From Abominable Snowman Chase to African Bell Carol to the classic Jingle Bells, the Sunrise Mountain High School Band put on an amazing performance on December 13th.

“I feel like the piece was a well performance, we were all in great tune and every band had a great performance”, said sophomore Samyra Moreno.

All of the performances stayed together throughout all the songs and had a great time performing.

“It was amazing!” said band director Ms. Beren. “It turned out real well. I think the audience enjoyed it and our students did a real nice job”.

The audience did indeed like the performances, especially during a small pause when Ms. Berens announced that sophomore Cesar Chavez-Romero made it into the CCSD Honor Band.

Overall, the Sunrise Mountain High School Band has great things coming for them if they keep up the amazing work and can’t wait to see what they do for the spring concert.   

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