Boys Volleyball Has Some Work To Do As A Team


Photo by Jose Manzo

On Thursday April 25, the Sunrise Mountain boys volleyball team went up against Sky Pointe, falling in three games, 16-25, 11-25, 6-25.

“I think we just need to mostly start working as team,” said senior Mizzani Tawatao, “and try to stay focus during the games.”

During the game Tawatao has five kills. Although they think they tried their the ending result just doesn’t show that.

“I feel like the score was alright we just have to work together,” said  Tawatao, “but, I am proud of the amount of wins we have got this season. I think we’ve done pretty well this season.”

Although their scores don’t look good on paper, they feel they tried their best during the games and they had fun with it.