Is The Senior Trip Really Worth It?

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Is The Senior Trip Really Worth It?

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The senior trip is one of those big events some feel is an ideal part of senior year. However there are always those who question whether or not it’s worth it.

Everyone knows senior year is rather expensive, as a matter of fact, ‘expensive’ can be an understatement. The point is that such an event isn’t free and some students just don’t have the budget for it or don’t see it fit enough for their money.

Think about it. It’s a one day trip to (in this years case) Six Flags where you ride roller coasters until closing time, are provided with transportation and lunch, all for $125.

“Six Flags tickets on their own are $90,” explained Ms. Ramos. “Plus the buses and the unlimited food for at least 100 students means that $125 is actually a very good deal for you guys.”

It’s understandable if students had a handful of other senior fees to pay or just didn’t have the money, but for those who did the money definitely went to all the right places.

“The only real cons were meeting at the school at 4:30 a.m., making sure you have everything you might need, sitting on the bus for the 4-5 hours it takes to arrive, then meeting with the group to make another 4-5 hour trip back,” elaborated senior Anette Castro.

Meanwhile the pros were: being able to snack and relax the entire bus ride, a restroom break in the middle, the freedom to roam with your own group of friends the entire time, being given food, having the option to buy your own, and sleep the entire way back.

“I’d say it was worth it,” stated Castro. “The whole trip was fun. The school wasn’t hovering over us, the lines went by pretty quick, and my group of friends stayed together for most of it.”


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