‘OG’ Principal Llapur Wraps Up Final Year With Sunrise

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‘OG’ Principal Llapur Wraps Up Final Year With Sunrise

Photo by Vanessa Cruz

Photo by Vanessa Cruz

Photo by Vanessa Cruz

As we have to announce, the most wonderful, loving, great hearted, person we call ‘PRINCIPAL’ or the ‘OG,’ as she would call herself, Ms. Llapur has announced that she will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Many people are sad, as many people don’t want her to leave. How would Sunrise be after she leaves?

But like Llapur said, “no matter who comes in this door, show the new principal what we all built together as a team to make Sunrise a great school.”

Llapur was thinking about this decision for six months.

“I was going back and forth to be completely transparent. Back in October I had a meeting with my union and asked them how is it going to look for me and he explained everything to me. And financially I can do it. I didn’t really make up my mind till the week before Spring Break and really over Spring Break and let my boss know,” said Llapur.

Many juniors are devastated, because they all wanted Ms. Llapur to give her last speech next year as the Class of 2020 graduates. Many seniors are going to have their last moment with her as they graduate in a couple of weeks.

“I’ve been thinking about my juniors a lot, they were the next class to graduate, no matter what don’t drop the ball, keep on doing what you’ve been doing since the beginning,” said Llapur

All we going to remember as a graduating class is her wise words that simply mean a lot to us.

“Ese papelito, tu diploma , nadie te lo puede quitar,” she would say, or, “That little paper, your diploma nobody could take it away.”

And many underclassmen are sad, because that’s their principal they had for just a year or two.

The seniors class of 2019 had grown up with her since the beginning of freshmen year to the end of their senior year.

Many memories were made with the seniors from beginning of her first year as a principal to the end as she retires and the seniors graduate.

“We go way back since my freshman year, that was my dawg,” said senior Gabriel Ruiz.

He told Ms. Llapur, “I was like ‘Hey Ms. Llapur.’ She knew my big brother that’s how me and her got close I should say. I hope the best for her. I hope she retires good, put her feet up on the couch and watch some Telemundo or something, and have a good life.”

One thing  Ruiz will always remember is when he was teaching her the “Buss Down” dance at one of the assemblies.

“I want her to know that I have nothing but love for her and positivity for her,” said Ruiz.

Other students are equally sad.

“It’s sad. She was the one to push me to do things. Always telling her students that she loves them,” said senior Blanca Pena, “and unlike the (administration), they don’t do what she does, it’s just her.”

One thing Pena will remember is her heart and how caring she is. Pena wants her to know that she loves her so much and wants to give her the big thanks for making her the best person she is right now, because of the fact she did tell her to do a lot of things that she thought she couldn’t do.

“But you see her stressing out over everything,” Pena added, “because she does have to be on top of everything that goes on and she still manages to keep a smile on, be there for people and push people forward.”

No matter what the decisions Llapur makes, we are truly happy for her. All that she’s done for us, she was simply the best that we could’ve ever had. And where ever she goes she will leave a big mark here at Sunrise Mountain.



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