Softball Team Looks Back After 5th Place Conference Finish

Leslie Duran, Staff Writer

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The Miner softball team started off their season on a good note, but towards the end their losses became a lot more consistent. Although that may not be the best outcome for the Miners they feel they had a good season.

“The season went pretty good,” said assistant softball coach Delio. “We started off strong and we didn’t quite end how we wanted to, but as a team I think we came together and played the best we could with our situations and hopefully next year they can come out stronger and do better and continue to get better each season.”

The softball team took a lot of losses with them as they finished 0-8 in the Class 3A Sunrise League, but they did not let that bring them down. The team did win six games overall. Other schools are considered to have a better teams but the softball team did not let that get to them.

“I do think that this group of girls had very good sportsmanship with each other and with other teams,” said Delio. “They didn’t let certain situations get under their skin like it could’ve and they were great to coach, I had an amazing time.”

As a team the softball team thinks they did good. They had  a lot of struggles but they kept motivated and didn’t let the losses get to them. This seasons may have not been the best according to their scores but the team had fun playing softball this season and they are happy they had the chance play this year.