Club Profile: Coding Club


Saul Aguilar, Website Coordinator

Looking for a club? Something life changing and impactful? Then join Coding Club! Coding Club is hosted by Mr. Ferra and Ms. Altamirano in room 713.

The club is from after school to 3:30 or sometimes extended in occasions of if you are new and need a bit more help.

“Anyone can join,” said Ferra. “Coding Club is a place where anyone can be part of the team!”

Coding Club is a very intuitive program that allows you to learn the fundamentals of basic programming and allows cooperative skills to blossom.

In addition, you can learn to analyze 3D printing and even make your own 3D prints in a design you would like.

“Its crazy how important computer science is,” said Altimirano, who teaches algebra and computer science. “We are moving in a direction where one day computer programming will be almost as important as reading.”

Many schools in the CCSD jurisdiction are also adding computer science clubs and classes which may be because of the demand for programmers and the advancement of society.

People are constantly evolving and changing, so why shouldn’t the world that people live in, as well as its belongings, be different as well.