Boys Soccer Team Finally Breaks Scoreless Slump

Photo by Julissa Beltran

Henry Cazarez, Sports Writer

On Monday, the boys varsity soccer team won 6-0 against SLAM Academy. With the first three goals scored from freshmen students, the team finally got onto the scoreboard after being shutout in four straight games.

Last year, the boys varsity soccer team had no trouble scoring and were on a roll,  they had made it to state semi-finals. This year the team has been struggling on scoring a goal they have gone 360 minutes without scoring.

“No type of attack we need to figure out what types of moves we can do and strategize our plays, ” said senior Jairo Miralrio-Pedraza. “Most of our attackers aren’t eligible to score right now.”

There are many new players joining the boys varsity soccer team and its hard for players to communicate.

“New kids are coming in and we need to get used to playing with them,” said Miralrio-Pedraza. “I’m used to it being like back then where our team was super close and we could communicate very well.”

The players are doing many things in practice to get better at shooting, they do many shooting drills, crossing, formation drills and touching for better results in there game.

“I think the drills we do will help,” said senior goalkeeper Cristian Morales. “We have a good coach and the drills will improve us and make us better as a team.”

The captain, Miralrio-Pedraza, gets a lot of pressure put on him, because they rely on him to do so many things on the field.

“I feel like yes I do have a lot of pressure on me,” said Miralrio-Pedraza. “Because everyone relies on me to keep the team up and talk to them.”

There are many perspectives on the game, the goalie is able to watch all the moves move from his position.

“We’re not taking shots,” said Morales. “We have so many open spots but we don’t shoot, we don’t have a lot of confidence in our selves.”

In some way not scoring in 360 minutes is some pressure on the goalie, because they hope they at least don’t make any goals on us.

“I feel like a lot of the pressure is pushed on me, because they relay on me for there to be no goals scored,” said Morales. “If I can let not so many goals in we will have a better outcome even if we don’t score any goals.”

Over all the boys varsity team is doing good and they will strive to do better in games and try their best to return to states.