Disney Star Gone Too Soon

Shamil Ilumin, News/Entertainment Editor

This year we lost someone who meant a lot to many of us. Although we didn’t know this freckled faced boy personally, his death took a toll on the world.

You may know Cameron Boyce from some of the Disney shows/movies he was in like Jessie or Descendants (1-3). Or you may know him from the famous movie “Grown ups” starring Adam Sandler. He was a young successful actor that was taken after only 20 years.

Sadly his life ended the night of July 6th and it took everyone by surprise.

“It was late at night when I found out,” said junior Karen Herrera “I saw on a post on Instagram and I thought it was a joke until I searched it and that’s when I started crying because he was my childhood.”

“It made me feel shocked,” said sophomore Alejandro Astorga “he was kinda in my childhood so it really hits in a way.”

Many can agree that they were able to see him grow up into the person he became to be and were able to be apart of it by supporting him. That’s why when the devastating news went viral some people didn’t know what to say or feel. To this day it doesn’t feel real because it seems so soon.

In his short lived 20 years of being alive he was able to accomplish to much, and even with his downs he still had a smile on his face for us. His co-stars would describe him as a hardworking positive person. Even though we didn’t know him personally like they did we know that Cameron always thought of his fans.

But the kids weren’t the only one that thought this was a sad moment in time.

“I think it’s pretty sad that happened to him,” said history teacher Mr. Cohen “I would watch him in Descendants with my daughter, she loved it.”

“Even my mom cried because that was her favorite little speckled boy,” said junior Karen Herrera

Adults didn’t really grow up with him like most kids did but it is never nice to see someone die so young and have an impact on their kids. It’s crazy you can say because he was such a good human being yet his life was taken too fast.

No one expected this to happen but now that it did all we can do is remember him in our hearts and pray for his friends and family that knew him personally.