Warm-Ups Critical For All Sunrise Mountain Athletes

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Henry Cazarez, Sports Writer

Preparing for a game is always important, a warm up should gently prepare the body for exercises by gradually raising the heat rate and circulate.

“Warming up is especially important for running,” said cross country team runner Oscar Carrasco, “so that we don’t get cramps during our races and workouts.”

Coaches make sure our athletes are well warmed up so they can be ready to play the sport they play. Athletes need to be flexible and there body to be loose and not cramped up to play comfortably.

“What we do to warm up,” said soccer player Kimberly Ruiz, “is we do a lot of running, high knees, butt kickers, shuffles and karaokes. There is also a lot of stretching involved when we warm up.”

Athletes warm up in so many different ways, it can depend on what sport you are warming up for. A good amount of time for a good warm up is 5-10 minutes.

If there is no warm up before you exercise there is a higher risk of getting injured, you can also get less out of your workouts  without a warm up .

“When i didn’t warm up,” said soccer player Sergio Deleon. “I started getting cramps and i was struggling to run so I just warmed up the bench.”

Cooling down can also be important. Cooling down is important because you need to bring back your heart rate back to how it was before you started your athletic exercises. It’s better to ease your workout when your cooling down instead of stopping all motion, for example,  if your running you should walk for your cool down.

” I think you should cool down,” said soccer player Kimberly Ruiz, “so we can have benefits like recovery and delayed onset muscle soreness.”

Some exercise you can do to warm up are, jumping jacks, walking knee hugs, arm circles, side shuffles, side shuffles back pedaling, lunges and squats. you want to do about 5-10 of each to get your body warmed up. There are many more other warm ups you can do but these are most common.

Overall warming up is very important and all athletes should do it so we don’t get cramps or pull any muscle. some things that we get from warm ups that are beneficial are improved performance, improved blood flow, improved oxygen efficiency, faster muscle contraction/relaxation, injury prevention, and mental preparation.