Cross Country Finishes With Both Squads Qualifying For Region


Henry Cazarez, Sports Writer

This year, the cross country team performed their best to make the school look as good as they can. Their season just finished after both boys and girls team went to regionals and they are ready for their competition next year.

¨I think think we improved from last year,¨ said cross country runner Daniel Vasquez,  ¨and we made it far and we want to go farther every year, were gonna work harder for next year.¨

Cross country is a sport that is all about running for a long period of time for as long as three miles. It takes a lot of dedication and training in order to be a top runner.

All of our runners are dedicated and have the mindset that it takes to be a top runner and work as a tram to motivate each other to go to state and things like that. One of our runners Kevin Pareja was 40 seconds away from state.

“I think the top two runners of the season are Kevin Pareja and Ray Mackay because they’ve put in the time an effort to accomplish as a runner,” said coach Ray. “They have what it takes to do proper running, good hydration and what it takes to run in this really hot desert.”

There are many solutions to get better each year and they’re willing to do what it takes to get better.

“I think we just need more athletes that like to run and are willing to lay off the Takis and put in the extra practice like in summer we have summer training which is harder due to the heat,” said Ray.

Cross Country is a solo sport but you still need teammates to support you and be by your side and motivate you the whole way through.

“Working as a team motivates you,” said Vasquez, “and they support you in your meets also promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty.”

Overall cross country is a hard sport that takes a lot to do. If you want to join next year and make cross country look good. You can join. Just visit the coach in room 600 and they will be having a sign up meeting right before May.