Flag Football Hopes Team Is Ready For Playoff Run


Photo by Preston Pickett

Lizbeth Martin, Sports Writer

As flag football season is about to begin, with their first game against Valley High School. The Miners have pressure to win their first conference game.

With new coaches stepping up to direct this season flag football team. The Miners have been practicing since September, and are still practicing.

“I feel like the team will be stronger than previous years, because of our new coaches,” said senior Hope Humes.

Last season the flag football team finished 8-8. They ended in fifth place in the conference standings.

“I think we have a good running back, good defense, and our coaches are really good,” said senior Gina Fu-Cerranto.

This flag football season line up always has different players every season. Which is can really help out the team in so many ways.

“We have a good team this year, we are capable going to playoffs,” said senior Jacqueline Beltran

With more games ahead the flag football team, are going to keep on practicing to improve their skills.