Coaching Opposite Gender Not A Big Deal

Lizbeth Martin, Sports Writer

Coaching the opposite gender is not an easy task to handle. Coaching is all about having patience, physical education, and being able to relate your athletes.

Many coaches have coach athletes that are the opposite gender then them, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle. There have many coaches in Sunrise Mountain that had the opportunity to coach the opposite gender.

“No I don’t think coaching girls tennis is an issue, but not being able to open the locker room, because I don’t have the keys for it,” said tennis coach Mr. Evans. “I just try to be a role model. I treat people right, and that surpasses gender.”

When male coach is coaching female athletes or when a female coach is coaching male athletes, their are boundaries they have to keep in mind.

For example, female coaches and male coaches cannot be in the same locker room of their opposite gender.

Female athletes responded better without yelling, and simply ask them to “Keep on trying” or “Don’t give up.” With male athletes they want that extra push from their coaches.

Their are many things that separate male athletes from female athletes, but a coach needs to put those things assigned. A coach needs to keep in mind the difficulties of coaching the opposite gender.

“I don’t think there no problem for me to coach girls cross country. I just think dealing with the 100 degree heat of August and September,” said coach Ray.

The sport coaches choose to coach is also very important. For example, if a women is coaching a football team then she has to be tough, strict, and have guts to yell at her players.

Another example, is if a male coach is coaching girls volleyball he needs to be very cautious. He needs to take care of his words. Girls generally have more sensitive feelings than boys do.

“We all have fun, it’s a lot of fun. We’re a sport that no ones sits on the bench everybody gets to participate,” said coach Ray. “And we have fun doing it.”

With male athletes having a women coach is no big deal for them, but for a female athlete she worries too much.

She starts worrying about, if he going to be a good coach, or if he is going to be a strict coach. Male or a female coach just has to respect her athletes, and have good time coaching.