Are Seniors Well Prepared For Real World?


Photo by Ximena Garcia

Jennifer Rodriguez, New/Entertainment Writer

Senior year of high school is the year where you want to have fun, but at the same time you are worried about what is going to happen after you are done with high school.

To be honest, you will never be fully prepared for the real world. However, if no one tells you anything about what to expect after high school, then you will have a harder time adjusting to the life after high school.

“Honestly I think the majority are not prepared for the real world,” said senior Jasmin Venancio. “I myself feel lost at times but I know that with some help I can get where I want to be.”

Sometimes you may feel like everything is good and you know what you are doing, but other times you may feel like you have know clue what you are going to do with your life.

School doesn’t teach you how to do tax, build credit, buy a house, buy a car, how to apply for a job, and how to get threw the hard time in college.

Those are things that we should learn how to do before we leave high school, because then you are just thrown out into the world with no clue of what you should be doing.

Yeah, friends and family help, but you would think that being in school for about 13 years, schools would somewhat teach or prepare students for what to expect of the real world.

“I am not at all prepared for the real world,” said senior Kiana Ramirez. “I wish that the school prepared us more rather than just warning us about how hard college is like we understand it’s hard, so help us get through it.”

It could be frustrating to most high school seniors, because they already have mixed emotions about being seniors, but now they have to worry about how they are going to do out in world.

We hear all the time how hard college is and how not everyone makes it to the end. However, we never hear anyone telling us how to get threw it. We don’t see anyone trying to help us.

“No I don’t think seniors are prepared,” said senior Evelin Pedraza. “Well, at least the majority isn’t prepared. I personally don’t feel prepared for life after high school.”

For the majority of seniors they have to look for someone to help them because if they don’t look for help then they won’t get the help that they are looking for.

There are some seniors that feel prepared because someone in their life has chosen someone get threw it and it’s rare to hear someone say, ‘Hey, I’m ready to be a grown up.’

“Seniors aren’t prepared for the real world because school is sheltering them from real life expectations,” said senior Rodsheanna Lewis. “I do feel prepared for real life only because I have one teacher who explains how real life works, so I just have to keep working hard in order to do well after high school.”

It’s not like it is rocket science figuring out what goes on in the world. It’s not like we don’t see it everyday with people around us, but it does help if someone tells us what to expect or what to be aware of.

You will never fully be prepared for the real world, but showing us how to do simple things like taxes, and credit would really help.

So are seniors well prepared for the real world? The answer is no seniors aren’t well prepared for the real world.