Out Of State Tournaments Beneficial To Sports Teams


Photo by Lizbeth Martin

The varsity girls soccer team traveled to South Tahoe in California to compete in a soccer tournament. The experience helped the team bond and help lead them to a playoff spot later in the year.

Edgar Garcia, Sports Writer

Angel Mora is a senior at Sunrise Mountain and hes been on the baseball team for four years and every year he looks forward to the San Diego trip the baseball team participates every Spring Break. This will be the baseball team’s fifth year going to the trip to participate on the Lions’ Tournament.

“Being in the baseball team is the best part of my high school experience especially on spring break when we would go on the baseball trip to San Diego,” said Mora.

Coaches of all sports often take their team to out-of-state tournaments in hopes of developing their players skills, but also to promote team bonding. Basketball, soccer and various other squads have chosen to go that route so far this year.

Both coach Bennett and coach Morales were former coaches of the baseball team and they both look forward to the baseball trip.

“I think these out of state tournaments help athletes help athletes in two ways,” said Bennett. “I believe seeing the competition out of states usually can be a higher competition and that’s the goal to compete with higher competition to help us going more into the season.

“And it also helps a lot with bonding I’m a big believer in team chemistry and how it has a big role on how your team is gonna compete on the  field, court or whatever sport your gonna play and how you have to be able to trust your teammates.”

Morales the former baseball head coach feels like it gets them ready for when they go to college and have to play from state to state.

“It gives them experience and how its getting them prepared for college schedules from how it goes from state to state and lets them see competition outta state and it gives them more exposure to college scouts,” said Morales.

“And it allows the athletes to separate themselves from their family and distractions and it only leaves them to talk and bond with their team it also shows a sense of maturity in the athlete as they come to age and how responsible they can be,” added Morales.

Out of state tournaments could get the future athletes a taste of what they are going to get when they make it big. When they make it big they won’t have to worry about feeling nervous because they had already experience going out of state when they were high school athletes.