Disney+ Becoming Popular Among Students


Shamil Ilumin, News/Entertainment Editor

Disney plus is an app like Netflix that came out on Nov. 12th of 2019 and just like the game Mario Kart it had almost everyone talking about it.

This app has all of the movies and shows that most people watched as they were growing up, even your parents ! It will take you through your childhood like you never even thought it could.

Many people were truly excited and got it as soon as it came out.

“Disney plus has been really good,” said freshman Madeline Martinez. “I use it way more than Netflix now. I usually watch the animated Disney movies but from time to time I’ll watch the Marvel movies.”

According to some students at Sunrise Mountain they’ve used Disney+ so much they haven’t been on Netflix in a while.

“I really wanted to watch Finding Nemo so I took my brothers card and bought it,” said junior Angela Gutierrez. “I recommend it 100 percent, because I’m always on it and there are a lot of things you can watch, I personally watch everything.”

Disney plus is $6 a month with an unlimited amount of Disney movies, even some you’ve already forgotten about! Students who have Disney+ recommend it to students who don’t have it yet because of the wide selection.