Best Christmas Movies for The Holidays

Calixta Fuentes, Feature

It’s the time of the year where all the Christmas and holiday movies start to pop up. Get your hot cocoa and your blanket and get ready to watch the top 5 holiday movies of the year.
Number 5 is Disney film The Santa Clause. John Pasquin, the director made this movie happen. This movie is about a dad who accidentally kills Santa Claus.
From there, he and his son get transported to the North Pole. Elves explain to him that he must take place as the new Santa.
He declined, but over time he gained weight and grew a long, white beard. He then realized that he had a job to get done.
“I like the part when he turns into Santa Clause for the first time,” said sophomore Carissia Fuentes. “Watching the kids make the toys.”
The Nightmare before Christmas is also a Disney movie. Directed and created by Tim Burton. He’s always been a very creepy person and the way he makes his movies come to life excites people.
In the movie Jack Skellington comes across 7 different trees with different holiday doors. The Christmas tree catches his attention and he enters it and immediately is seen in Christmas Town.
He is amused by what he sees. Things like love, snowballs and bright, beautiful light everywhere. He has an idea.
He decides that he will be the one to give gifts for Christmas instead of Santa Clause. He ends up ruining Christmas by using scary toys as gifts.
“My favorite part of the movie specifically is when the kids went to get Santa,” said College and Career Advisor Mr. Ramos, “but they got the bunny.”
Coming in at number 3 is Arthur Christmas, directed by Sarah Smith. In this movie, Arthur is related to Santa Claus, he is Santa’s youngest son.
When Santa delivers the presents to every child, but one that he happens to have missed, he sends his youngest son, Arthur, to go do it for him.
“When Arthur brings all the Christmas gifts to the kids,” said junior Daniel Vazquez-Campos, “all because Santa forgot.”
Have you been naughty like the Grinch or nice like Hoos? At 2nd is the live action film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas from 2000 with Jim Carrey, directed by Ron Howard.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas is about how the Grinch decides he will ruin Christmas. He gets help from his dog, Max. Max helps the Grinch sneak into houses to steal all the gifts.
As he is taking the presents, he encounters Lou Who, who is trying to show him what the Christmas spirit is really about. He ends up giving everything back and enjoying Christmas with the Whos.
“When the Grinch had a sudden change of heart was my favorite,” said senior Jaquelyn Beltran, “him becoming nicer to them.”
The top holiday movie is Polar Express. Hot cocoa sipping, train drifting, and meeting new people all on one long train ride.
Directed by Tom Hanks, the movie Polar Express is inspired by the book, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.
A young boy has a lot of doubt. He ends up going on a train ride and having the most outstanding experience of his life. While on the train he meets new people and sees new things.
The young boy is on his trip to self-discovery. Never lose faith in yourself and in who you are. Believe what you want to believe.
“Well, I like it because it’s based on a little kid who takes a train,” said sophomore Jasmyne Coleman, “and he goes on an adventure.”
Polar Express, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Arthur Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Santa Clause are the top 5 Christmas movies to watch for the holidays.
Get your friends or family, get some hot cocoa and blankets and enjoy your movie night.