Changing WiFi Passwords Fails To Change Ultimate Goal

Why was the WiFi password change a wasted effort?

WiFi is used predominantly everywhere in this world, and schools are often a safe haven for students who may not have WiFi at home.

Kids at Sunrise Mountain have been connected to the network at this school probably ever since they first arrived, but that all changed when we came back from Thanksgiving break in 2019. 

At first, it was a shock to students that the WiFi password was changed, but within two hours, quite a number of students already were connected.

The reason why the school decided to change it? Too many people were connected. The amount of people that were connected was overwhelming, and it was causing issues for some teachers and administrators.

“The problem is, is that when too many people are using it at one specific time, it creates a bottleneck,” librarian Mr. Dunlap said. “The speeds are slower for everybody because everybody is walking through campus with their phone connected to one access point.” 

Hundreds of students were clogging the system, and while the password has been changed, Dunlap does not mind putting the password into someone’s phone himself. He will not give a student the password, but he will put it into someone’s phone if they really need it. 

After the two weeks of the password being changed though, people have started to realize what a waste of time it was, including Dunlap. 

“It was a good attempt at trying to fix a problem that’s kind of inundating the school,” A.P. U.S. Government teacher, Dr. Long, said. “However, the fact is that the new password got out so fast that it didn’t really make much of a difference.” 

Among the teachers and administrators who feel the password change was a wasted effort, students are also voicing their opinion about how little impact it has made. 

While some students still do not have the password, a plentiful amount of students do. They tend to share it with their friends, as they think it is unnecessary to keep it a secret.It is important to remember that some students actually rely on the WiFi at school for homework. 

“I didn’t think it was a waste of time,” senior Sarelia Benitez said. “But it was an inconvenience to the teachers who couldn’t connect to the Chromebooks because in most of my classes, we rely on them to do our work.” 

The entire week after the password was changed, there was a number of issues with the WiFi connection for even the teachers, causing frustration in classes. In simple terms, the password change was not what the school wanted it to be, and it was not successful. 

“It’s pointless that they even took the WiFi and changed it,” senior Kevin Torres said. “Literally the day we came back, students had the password, and it spread like wildfire.” 

Although people understand that hundreds of students having their hands on the connection at school is not great for the school, they are not disconnecting their phones anytime soon.