Zero Degrees Offers A Variety Of Foods, Drinks


Yareisy Loreto, Features Editor

Zero Degrees is an Asian-Hispanic inspired chain restaurant with a contemporary look which primarily makes drink and snack food. They promise to use fresh ingredients of high quality.  

I found out about Zero Degrees on social media. I remember scrolling through Facebook while being on a facetime call with my friend, we were catching up on gossip.

Then something caught my eye, I was intrigued by the hot Cheetos fries that I saw. I also really got attracted to the Hispanic-inspired food. I decided to click on their website and check out the menu.

Everything looked very aesthetic and pleasing. They had a variety of things from popcorn chicken to carne asada fries. I really wanted to go the second that I saw it.

My expectations were pretty high not going to lie. It was a new restaurant that had just opened up. I saw that they served their drinks with fresh fruits, everything was ready to make.

It was also a hispanic-asian restaurant and from what I have tried hispanic food and asian food are delicious. My expectations were also high because of the ratings it had, almost five stars. The pictures that were on their website looked amazing, everything looked like it tastes great.

I also saw Zero Degrees being advertised everywhere. I saw it on instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat and other social media, so I was really looking forward to going. 

The one that I went to was on Decatur, so it was pretty far, but I did not mind. It was in a little shopping center that had Popeye’s, McDonalds and other fast foods. It was a small place, it was cute from outside.

Then once I stepped in, I was amazed. It was just as cute if not even more than as it was outside. It was not very busy. There were cute little tables, they had a big sign that read “Zero Degrees” on the side.

When you ordered you could see the fresh fruit that would be used to make drinks from the counter. They had the menu displayed on screens, but they moved pretty fast so I just pulled up the menu on my phone, the menu online gives you a description of what is in the food.

I ordered my food, the prices were not bad, it was pretty cheap. Then I sat down and waited for the food. Overall when I stepped in there I was amazed I really liked the environment that the place had.

I ordered the xxtra flamin hot Cheetos cheese fries.This included fries with melted nacho cheese, topped off with crushed xxtra flamin hot Cheetos. It was good, it was but I was expecting a bit more.

The fries were OK, but they were like regular McDonalds fries. The cheese was good as well, but I felt like they added too much. Maybe if they did not put as much it would taste a bit better.

When you first take a bite you get a spoon full of cheese, you can barely taste the fries and that takes away from the crushed hot Cheetos as well. The crushed hot Cheetos were good it added an extra flavor to the food.

I also ordered a split cup. A split cup is a cup that has two drinks in one. One half of the cup has one type of drink and the other half has a different drink as well.

I ordered one of their signature drinks, strawberry horchata. The strawberry horchata is a milky drink made from ground almonds and rice. Their traditional house made horchata included fresh strawberry bits.

That combinations was absolutely amazing. Every sip was as good as the first. The horchata itself was delicious but the strawberry bits added a kick to it.

The other half of my cup had cucumber limeade. The cucumber lemonade was very refreshing it was lemonade with cucumber bits. The lemonade was sweet but not too sweet, it was just right.

Overall, the strawberry horchata was refreshing and sweet, strawberry bits were a great touch because they were honeyed. 

Overall I felt like it was 50/50. It was OK.

The food was good but it was not great it could have been better. The drinks on the other hand, those were fantastic. The drinks exceeded my expectations — 100 percent. I really liked the spilt cups, I like having two drinks in one. The split cup is something that I had never had before so it was a good touch.

What I would improve is the portion to price ratio. The portions that they served the food were very small. It was in a small circular container. It wasn’t expensive, but the fries were a small portion. I would also improve the amount of ingredients they put in each food item.

Like I mentioned before, they added a lot of cheese, it was still very good, but I felt like that took away the flavor and focus on what needed to be focused, the fries.

Honestly, I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family members. I know I talked a lot about the cheese but in general the place was nice clean, authentic, it had great drinks that I am dying to try again and the food was good as well.

I am sure the other food choices that they have taste great as well. Zero degrees is a Hispanic-Asian restaurant that I would definitely recommend to others.