Is Coolmath Really “Shutting Down?”

Ethan Williams, News & Entertainment Writer

Surely you’ve heard that the infamous educational website “CoolMath,” is finally going to check out. However it isn’t really closing as in the website being taken down.

“It sucks that it’s going to close,” said sophomore Thomas White. “I didn’t play CoolMath as much as my friends did years ago but I doubt it would be closed, I’m sure it’ll come back.”

Adobe Flash a tool commonly found on older machines and now is discontinuing “Flash Player” on Dec. 31st, 2020. Coolmath isn’t the only flash supported website, it’s just more commonly used than other flash supporting websites out there.

Other websites like Newgrounds contains many flash supported games as well. The website Coolmath has been in use since 1997 and was listed in November 2019 as one of the 50 most important websites created.

“I used to play this all the time as a little kid,” said sophomore Sebastian Yanez. “When I would finish testing I would hop onto the website and play this one game, “Papas’ Freezeria” and I would distract myself playing that.”

However, just because flash is going to discontinue and go out of order; doesn’t convey that websites like CoolMath won’t later function. Many browser-based games are upgrading to Unity or HTML5 which is further sufficient.

Adobe Flash even though is going to be discontinued after 2020 will still be having it’s other products like Adobe Animate they will be working on.

Adobe Flash is going to be replaced by HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 combined with website coding can replace many of the complex animations, interactivity done by Adobe Flash.