CONTEST: Enter PSA Video On Distracted Driving

Have you wanted to make your own commercial? Are you in anyway interested in getting a nice prize of $2,000 for contributing for a good cause?

If you are in anyway interested with what was said, then sign up for the I Choose To Drive Contest. This contest, funded by Cox, is a campaign set on making commercials to help  present a message to the people about distracted driving and its dangers.

In order to enter this contest, you have to submit a 30 second commercial that briefly, but clearly explains the premise of the contest. It will need to be emotionally moving and objective. The deadline to enter is Feb. 2.

You can only submit your own video after making an account at the website  . There is no capped limit to the amount of videos you can upload, which means that you can upload as many videos as you want.

You can also get a team to help you make your videos. If you and your team win, you will have to divide the money between you guys.

Teens between the ages of 13 to 18 can enter with permission given by their parents. Posting videos and creativity is almost unlimited. However, there are  some restrictions applied.

Just make sure you don’t record inappropriate content or record a video containing dangerous or irresponsible acts. Now get out there and make a nice and intriguing commercial.