Final Day To Purchase Your Senior Quotes In Yearbook

Ray Madrigal, News/Entertainment Writer

Want to say something that someone will remember you by? Or maybe you want to say something that no one else will be able to think of? There’s one way of doing that if you are willing to think of something. Students have until Jan. 31 to turn in their senior quotes to the banker.

Seniors, now is your time to think of a quote you want to have in the yearbook. Quotes cost only three dollars so make sure you make your quote quite memorable.

“Honestly, quotes never came to my mind but I do want people to remember me some of things I say a lot,” states Ulisses Solano, a senior ready to graduate.

If you don’t have any ideas for your quote, look through previous yearbooks or ask one of your friends or teachers that would gladly help you pick something that suits you.

All you have to do is go to the banker with the amount of cost and ask to pay for your quote where then you’ll be able to write what you want as your quote. Don’t wait, get your quote in now before you forget for only three dollars at the banker.

Remember, this is your last year, be sure you think about your quote before writing it down. Sunrise Mountain appreciates all the seniors who wish to be remembered.