Sunrise Spotlight : Carson Reynolds


Kayla Watkins, On Campus Writer

Carson Reynolds is a member of Sunrise Mountain’s performing group Ballet Folkorico Alborada.

Reynolds has been a member of Alborada for three years and plans on staying in the group for the rest of his high school years.

Although Reynolds has been in Alborada for only three years, he has been dancing ballet folkorico for more than six years.

“My favorite part about folkorico would have to be the competitions,” said Reynolds. “I like to test myself.”

The love Reynolds has for folkorico has been taken to the next level since he has been a section leader for a few months now.

His job is to lead the boys in the performing group and make sure that they get the dances down and make sure they are ready to perform.

Not only is Reynolds one of the more experienced dancers in Alborada, he has no hispanic culture in his background.

“Since I don’t look like a typical folkorico dancer, I guess you can say that I get more noticed when we perform,” Reynolds continued.

Even when things can get hard; Reynolds says he has never once had a thought about giving up dancing ballet folkorico.

Reynolds will continue dancing balet folkorico for the rest of his years in high school, and will continue to do so after he graduates high school.

His journey will only continue to grow more and more.