Australia Fires Wreaking Havoc Environmentally

Ray Madrigal, News/Entertainment Writer

Australia’s fires. The news should ring a bell, sometimes even make your heart drop and your eyes tear up. Those two words, don’t fit together nor do they sound so pleasing.

When we heard Australia, most of us think of the animals such as their enormous huntsman spiders or their kangaroos and koalas. Sometimes the burning heat in their never ending desert or the beautiful known city of Sidney. But now, we all must know that it’s not that way anymore.

As devastating as it is, Australia is burning with multiple fires that have spread miles and miles, destroying all the natural nature there is and homes of the people. Sadly, the wildlife wasn’t so safe from the spread of the fire and many of them have passed away from the fires to the point that koalas are now on the endangered list.

“I’ve seen that many people online try to help by getting other people to donate,” said freshman De’Markus Thomas. “Streamers and content creators seem to be a great influence to help.”

While the fires are still going on, many people are still trying to help those in need to get back on their or sustain themselves a little longer until it is safe to get back to their homes. There are many people that work day to day, making sure that these people will be safe; these firefighters, police officers, hospital workers are putting effort into this.

“It’s really heartbreaking to hear about all these people dying and risking their lives,” said sophomore Haidee Martinez, “but it really helps the rest of the world realize that we need to do something to help each other.”

While many of the news going on is mainly fires and people facing adversity, you can help them have hope by looking in different websites to help these hopeful people. The world and its humanity is coming together to help the people and their country. If you’re willing to look further into it, any donation will help.

Pray for Australia.