Terrell Campbell Makes It Into CCSD Honor Band

Photo by Mikayla Cox

Sarah Johnson, Staff Writer

On January 17th and 18th, the Clark County School District Honor Band was held and one of our very own students, junior Terrell Campbell, who plays tuba in Advanced Band here at Sunrise Mountain High School was a part of it. 

“I’m really, really proud of him,” said Band director Ms. Cresap. “Getting into honor band is really hard to do.”

The CCSD Honor Band is the top 250 musicians in the entire Clark County School District who then spends one day rehearsing for the concert that is the next day so there is a lot of competition going on. 

“I felt pretty excited to be in because I know that a lot of other people auditioned and I was one of the ones to get in,” said junior Terrell Campbell. “I was also scared as the fact that so many other great players were also in the band with me and I was kind of intimidated.”

Being in a band of 250 other top players does sound intimidating especially when you don’t know what’s going to happen.  

“My favorite part was probably being able to experience what it’s like to be in a band with a lot of great musicians and challenging myself to play harder music and get to experience a different environment,” Campbell said. “Also being able to get help from musicians better than me to help me better my playing on my instrument.”

The great thing about being in a band like this is you’re able to learn more about the instrument that you play from other people who go to Las Vegas Academy for an example which is a school of music. There are more schools with great music programs. 

“I learned more aspects of how music works and how to balance out my sound with my section  and also to the band as a whole,” Campbell said. “I also learned to play harder music in different  time signatures and how to count it.”

Another great thing about being in a band like this is learning more about working together as a team, musical theory and harder music. 

“I had so much fun,” Campbell said, “I really loved the environment and felt really welcomed and that I could ask for help whenever is needed and not be disappointed.”

Asking for help when it comes to an instrument is one of the best things a musician can do to help improve their performance.

“I had fun with playing music as well and even though it was very tiring to practice for many hours it was all worth it,” Campbell said.

Considering how they only had one day to do a full on rehearsal with the group then perform the next day, it would be exhausting. Overall, the Sunrise Mountain High School band program is very lucky to have Campbell in their program.