What Not To Do At A Job interview

Maria Ibarra, Photo Editor

Getting a job is important in life, before actually getting a job you have to go through a process to get hired however mostly all jobs have you go to a interview.

Going to a interview may be scary and you may think you are not prepared but here are things you do not do at a interview.

At a job interview you need to be professional and need to know that right at that moment first impression does matter. A job interview they are trying to see if you are qualified to work at their company.

“Don’t walk in in with  raggedy clothes like jeans and hoodie, don’t chew gum, don’t talk in slang, don’t have headphones ” said  Senior Ayleen Coronado

When being interviewed give right information about your self, Always stay focused never start looking around the room and keep eye contact with the interviewer.

Be confident never doubt yourself because you will end up not being yourself and look like you do no want to be there. Always have a smile and make sure you give all your attention to the person you are talking to.

Make sure that you can show all your skills and show how you qualify for the job. Be on time do not be late,show up a few minutes early to show how determined you are to get the job

The night before get enough sleep so you could have energy during the interview and so you would not be in a bad mood. One important thing is to be clean,you do not want to show up smelling or looking bad, that will show a lot from you as a person.

Have a mock interview with someone so you could feel the pressure before hand, it will help you be more mentally prepared. Be around someone who will help you and cheer you on, so you could a great interview, it will help you by making sure that you do your best.