Mr. Yee Leaves School For Chance To Teach In Korea

Math Teacher Spent Seven And A Half Years As A Miner


Joseline Soto, News/Entertainment Writer

Mr. Yee was a popular math teacher in Sunrise Mountain High School for seven and a half years, but after final exams in December, he opted to leave the mountain for a rare chance to teach overseas.

Yee moved to South Korea in early January, but had been preparing for his leave even earlier than that.

“The first thing, Mr. Yee moved to South Korea to teach English in high school,” said English teacher and friend, Ms. Steyh. “And in Korea the schools start in February.”

This was why he had to leave in winter break so he could settle in and become comfortable with the major change.

“He has always dreamed of being able to work overseas,” said Steyh, “and experience travel and go to different countries.”

Yee saw this as a great opportunity to make his dreams come true.

“During the summer he went to Japan and applied in Japan to teach student English,” said Steyh. “But he didn’t get any information back. So he applied again and got accepted. He had to get a passport, sell his house, get rid of 80 percent of his belonging. He found a relative to take care of his dog for the time being.”

Mr. Yee really had of things to do before he had to go to South Korea and start a new life in a different state with a very different culture compared to the life he was so used to.

He will be missed at Sunrise.