Not Sure What To Get Your Boyfriend For Valentines Day?

Here are some tips to get you ready for Feb. 14

Photo by Edgar Garcia

Joseline Soto, News/Entertainment Writer

Miners — Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon!!! On this day girls are often confused what to get their significant other or best friend.

Of course, usually girls don’t get their best friend or boyfriend something for Valentine’s Day, because a majority of the time they believe that they don’t want anything since they are so used to the guys getting something for them.

Although they are guys, many often like clothes as presents, just like girls which can make things so much easier to buy them something.

“As guys we would like clothes like Hollister, Tommy, and Calvin Klein shirts,” said junior Adrian Gomez. “Not only that, but we also like to receive video games such as Modern warfare, Fortnite, and H1Z1.

Of course video games are always an option if you’re willing to spend the money on that. If you don’t know much about video games and wanted to get one, you can always go to a Game Stop or Walmart, where there are numerous options.

Another gift that guys often enjoy receiving are sports jerseys.

“Us guys, if we were to get a present from our girlfriend or best friend, we would like to get a jersey from our favorite team,” said junior Ronald Nicolas. “We would also like cologne and also to go out and eat but we really don’t mind what you get us.”

If your best friend or boyfriend is into wearing sports jerseys, it can be a great present because it would show them that you know who their favorite team and sport is.

You don’t always have to get them something expensive we could always get them their favorite snacks. And if you want you could always buy them some nice shoes.

“As a guy I like baskets that have my favorite chips and candy,” said sophomore Juan Pablo Gomez Gazga. “But I also like shoes or socks from Nike.”

We as girls always think that the best gift would to buy something expensive and if you can buy them something go for it but if you don’t have the time or money for that spending the day with them is always a good option and at the end of the day you would be with them.

“On Valentine’s Day, I prefer to spend the day with my girlfriend,” said sophomore Carlos Arias. “We would go out to eat and spend time with each other and watch movies or just cuddle.”

Miners if you still don’t have an idea of what to give your boyfriend or best friend, take these things into consideration and give them one of the items that you read.