Practice Is Key To Success For All Miners’ Teams

Photo by Arely Tamayo

Cheryl Edenfield, Sports Writer

The winter season for sports is coming to an end and all of our teams have had great seasons. 

However, what is one of the keys to a great season? Practice, practice, practice.

“All of this success starts in practice,” said junior wrestler Osvaldo Diaz. “We have to be committed to practice in order to do good in our matches and I’m sure that goes for all of the sports.”

So what do players in each sport do in order to get the best out of their games and matches?

Basketball requires being in sync with teammates and making good decisions. Players also have to better their individual skills in order to come together as a great team.

“The things we do in practice allows us to contribute it into the games,” said junior girls basketball player Ayreonn Oliphant. “Such as, doing shooting drills in order for us to get our shots off better in different areas of the court. We do layup drills as well to help us get a better shot off.

“We run as well to keep our stamina intact since the game goes at a high speed. We have to keep up with the game so us running in practice helps tremendously. Everything we do in practice big or small we add to our game and in the end it pays off.”

Flag football, depending on what position you play, consists of throwing, catching and quick, strategic movements in order to throw off your opponent. 

“We make sure to warm up before practice, and we work on defense the most to make sure we stop plays and prevent any yardage,” said junior flag football player Giselle Galvan. “Offensively we go over our plays and run our routes to ensure that we do good during our games. ‘Step to the play, butt to the hole’ is something our coaches make sure to insert into us and into the game.”

Last but not least, wrestling involves quick, strategic moves and countermoves to the opponent that will give the wrestler the upper hand. Wrestlers need to have productive practices in order to have individual success in their matches.

“In order to have success in our matches we practice our moves,” said Diaz. “We also get in the weight room in order to get stronger for our meets. Decision making is a big part of wrestling.”