TEACHER PROFILE: Orchestra’s Mr. Wente

Photo by Angel Garcia

Sarah Johnson, On-Campus Writer

The Sunrise Mountain High School Orchestra director Mr. Wente graduated from Lawrence University and Conservation of Music and University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

“I was fortunate to be brought up in a school with a very strong performing art program,” Wente said. “I was surrounded by fantastic educators and high caliber musicians and I was greatly inspired by them all. There were several musical experiences in high school that completely changed the direction of my life. I thought to myself what better way to spend my life than performing and teaching.”

Music can have very strong influences on a person’s life and a lot of times, they would want to continue performing and showing others the impact it can have. 

“My primary instruments are the saxophone and piano,” Wente said. “I started out with knowledge of the band but I wanted to expose myself to the world of orchestra.”

Up until the 2018-2019 school year, Wente was also the band director here at Sunrise. The band program was taken over by Ms. Cresap.

“Because the saxophone wasn’t a part of the orchestra, it drew me to the orchestra,” Wente said.

Band and orchestra are very different from each other, from instruments to style of music to musical tones.  

“The personality and care that Ms. Llapur communicated in my job interview told me it was a special place to teach at,” said Wente, who started in 2011. 

“The orchestra program has grown significantly and the students have become far more dedicated in refining an expression of their creativity and talent,” said Wente.

Over the years that Wente has been here, the orchestra program has gotten bigger and better.