Annual Pre-Festival Orchestra Combines Sunrise With Our Middle Schools

Photo by Ginger Mendez

Sarah Johnson, On-Campus Writer

The annual Orchestra Pre-Festival took place on Tuesday, Feb. 18th here at Sunrise Mountain. The concert has three performances, Bailey Middle School’s advanced orchestra, Monaco Middle School’s advanced orchestra, and Sunrise Mountain’s chamber orchestra.

The pre-festival is a performance that takes place before the Clark County School District Orchestra Festival at University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s Ham Hall and to prepare them for the performance that will be watched by judges to receive a score on. 

“The pre-festival was a great display of our students’ preparations for the festival,” said orchestra director Mr. Wente. “It’s a great opportunity because we have a chance to continue working on the pieces and perform them a second time at the festival.”

The pre-festival is an opportunity to perform their pieces in front of an audience and judges without it being the real deal. 

“My favorite part of the performance was watching and hearing our students emotionally put themselves into their second piece,” Wente said. “It’s a very musically demanding piece and the students recognized that and are following with the challenge.”

The second piece was filled with half notes and whole notes which is easy to play however it gets boring after a while of playing it so the students had to come up with some ways of making the piece more interesting to listen to.

They poured out their emotions into the piece which made it beautiful to listen to. 

“There were tremendous improvements in both of the middle school performances,” Wente said.

Bailey’s orchestra had a strong sound throughout all three pieces they had. Monaco’s advanced orchestra was extremely small but their performance was strong and mighty. 

In March, the three orchestras will go to UNLV’s Ham Hall to perform their pieces and represent their schools and fine arts departments.