In Need Of A Prom Dress Or Tuxedo?

There Is An Easy Way To Get Them

Shamil Ilumin, News/Entertainment Editor

Prom season is here and if you’re in need of a prom dress or tuxedo at a low price, check out this event.

On March 14th, there is event called “Project 150” at Zappos Campus that help students going to Prom find their dresses and tuxedos for no price at all. This project is to help students enjoy the high school experience without having to spend so much money on everything. Project 150 gives you a chance to save money for other parts of prom like the corsets, hair, nails, etc.

If you are worried about not being able to find “your dress” or “your tuxedo” don’t fear. Though it may seem like there won’t be many options the supply is ongoing.

“A lot of our communities support is done through donation drives which help keeps our supply going,” said a Zappos campus worker. Therefore you can choose from many different dresses or tuxedos and find the perfect one for you.

This thoughtful program started thanks to Patrick Spargur and Dom Produe, both previous students of the Clark County school district.

According to one of the Zappos campus workers the two started this event after, “becoming aware of 150 students at Rancho High school who did not have the necessities they needed over winter break”

They began fundraising to get money to be able to give students the things they needed.

Not only is this event for students going to Prom it’s for high students in general. Even though they are currently giving out Prom-themed clothing items for prom season you can still go for other necessities.

“We help homeless and school students in need by giving them free resources like food, clothing, and school supplies,” said a Zappos campus worker.

So if at any time if you seem to find yourself stuck you are welcome to go to Zappos Campus and get the necessities you need.

If you are interested the address to go to is :

400 E. Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101

OPEN AT 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.