Band Pre-Festival Concert Gets Group Ready for UNLV Trip

Sarah Johnson, Staff Writer

On Thursday February 27th, 2020 here in the Sunrise Mountain High School theater was the annual band pre-festival performance.

The concert had three performances from three different schools, Bailey Middle School’s advanced band, O’Callaghan Middle School’s advanced band and Sunrise Mountain High School’s advanced band.

The performance was to prepare the students before they went to UNLV’s Ham Hall to perform in front of judges where they would receive a score based on their performance. This is known as the Clark County School District Band Festival.

“The performance was great,” said band director Ms. Cresap. “All the groups played really well.

My favorite part of the performance was hearing the middle school bands and the support that the high schoolers were giving the middle schoolers, it was a lot of “positive support.”

The other groups when they weren’t on stage were in the audience watching and learning from the group that was performing. The middle schools may only have two or three years of musical experiences but they are extremely talented. Even though they were a little bit nervous, they came really prepared. 

“The concert was more lively as we had our middle schoolers perform and it was a first time for others,” said junior Samyra Moreno, “But overall the concert went well as the performance wasn’t as hard. They did really well for it being their first time, they played good pieces that seemed a bit advanced for them.”

With the middle schools being there, the concert had more varieties of talents through their music. “My favorite part of the performance was “Darklands” as it is my favorite piece,” Moreno said. 

Sunrise wishes the best of luck to the groups as they go down to UNLV to perform their pieces and represent their schools.