Student Council Officers Elected For 2021

Sofia Delgado, Editor-in-Chief

Here on the mountain, Student Council is hard at work preparing for the upcoming school year. 

Student Council elections were held March 4th, 2020, preparing the Student Body Officers for their upcoming roles. 

“I already have a dream board made,” says newly-elected Student Body President, Lacy Holys,  “a bunch of things for incoming freshman, juniors and their ACT, just a lot of new things.”

Though there was no one running against Holys, she says she maintained a positive attitude throughout the entire election process. 

For other positions however, in specifics, Treasurer, resulted in a tie between freshman Kenia Garcia, and junior Chasadie Wolfe. 

“I was shocked, I didn’t think that was going to happen,” Treasurer contender, Kenia Garcia says. “To be honest, I didn’t think I had a high chance of making it as far as a tie.” 

This exact time means that there will need to be a seperate election next week in order to announce the official winner. 

“Whatever happens at this point, I’m proud of both of us, we made it to the same place, so, good luck to her!” says Garcia on the matter. 

Keep an eye out for the announcements where they will share more information as to where and when Miners can vote.

Historian Donovan Chambers sweeps another win, this will be his second year as SMHS’s Student Body Historian. 

The Student Body Secretary position welcomes Janet Vargas for this upcoming school year, and, Media Officer Jasmine Parduhn is also to take up a new position. 

There are two Vice Presidents for next year, junior Nataly Castenada and sophomore Dulce Hernandez. 

“I would like to put new ideas out there” says Hernandez. “I would like for the administration and students to have collaborations so they can get along and participate more.”  

There seems to be new and upcoming ideas already brewing for next year. All newly-elected Student Body Officers are hopeful and excited to make next year count.