Sunrise’s Chamber Orchestra Went To CCSD Orchestra Festival

Photo by Ginger Mendez

Sarah Johnson, On-Campus Writer

Sunrise Mountain High School’s Chamber Orchestra went to the Clark County School District Orchestra Festival hosted at University of Nevada Las Vegas’s Ham Hall on Mar. 2. 

The group performed in front of judges and received two superiors and an excellent rating. 

“The festival was a great musical and educational experience for all of our students,” said orchestra director Mr. Wente.

The CCSD festival is a good way for students to show their musical talent to other high schools in Las Vegas and proudly represent Sunrise Mountain. 

“Their performance demonstrated tremendous technical and musical growth and was full of emotions,” Wente said.

Their second piece was filled with half notes and whole notes so the students had to find a way to make the piece interesting and fun to listen to. 

Wente also said, “Following their performance they had a clinic in which they were taken to another level to creative ideas supplied by the clinicians.”

After their performance, the students were taken to an area where someone who listened to the performance gave the students more ways to make their pieces even better and learned more musical techniques.

“The students should be very proud of their performance and their growth,” Wente said.

The students came a long way from the beginning of the school year in terms of their musical knowledge and they should be proud of what they have accomplished musically. 


The orchestra is looking forward to finishing the year strong in of their spring performance coming up in May.