Upcoming Election Sure To Have Impact On Country

As the elections are around the corner, everyone is anxious to know who will win. This nation will be impacted hard by this decision. Problems will be resolved, others will remain unsolved. 

Big issues are going on in the United States and need someone who will help the community to fix it. Regardless of who wins, many people expect someone to finally take action against these dilemmas.

“This election is vitally important for a few reasons,” voiced social studies teacher Mr. Mohrbacher. “Climate change and the handling of the pandemic are massive topics that both sides cannot seem to agree upon what the best action is.” 

Major problems happening and the people need someone who will take action. They want someone who will finally try to resolve issues that are impacting everyone negatively.

“It will be impactful because we are choosing between two people who have pasts that people don’t agree with,” said senior Karen Herrera. “People are divided in this circumstance and no one will ever agree on which side is better for the United States.” 

Things have been said about the candidates that people are eerie of the idea that one of these will be our president. Both have ideas that are good for America, but are completely different.

“This coming election will be vastly different because both candidates have contrasting plans,” senior Leslie Herrera said. “After these elections are over, I don’t think the United States will be the same.”

Both parties have completely different ideas to bring. Half of the people agree with Trump and the other half is with Biden. Whoever wins, no one will be satisfied. 

“It will definitely be an election to remember,” said senior Christian Resendiz. “So many things going on with the world and the decisions that the president is making. Depending on who wins, the immigration system will definitely be impacted along with other major problems going on.” 

The immigration system is definitely a hot topic for these elections. One president has certain beliefs and thinks many immigrants shouldn’t be here. While the other candidate embraces it and wants to fight for everyone’s freedom. 

“Regardless of who wins, I hope they will be able to unite the country,” said assistant principal Ms. Shive. “Unfortunately, we are so far apart, I fear that whoever wins, the other side will not be happy. I can only hope for unity, that whichever candidate wins, they will be able to bring the sides closer to peace with each other.”

The United States right now is in a turmoil and no one knows how to fixt it. It’s a ticking time bomb with every word that is said by people. The U.S. is suffering and it is split in the middle. 

The only salvation right now, is that whoever wins, will be able to bring everyone together and agree to disagree peacefully. 

“I vote in every election, as it is my civic duty and I highly encourage all seniors who will be 18 at the time to get out and vote, make your voice known,” added Shive. 

As elections are nearing, Sunrise Mountain wants the students to get out there and vote for your future. Do it for yourself and what you want your community to look like.