First Day Of School Filled With Plenty Of Online Problems


Monday August 26th, the day a lot of students dreaded and a lot of teachers anticipated. Regardless, everyone was anxious that first day.

The day started as a regular day, everyone got ready for school to begin, but it wasn’t regular because now everything had to be online and it was a new adjustment for everyone. 

Like many hoped, the school year would be a breeze. Unfortunately things wouldn’t go as smooth as the district planned. 

At 7:50 a.m., students began to attempt to log into their classes with no luck. As time passed and students were still unable to log in, panic grew. 

The website loaded very slowly and students were unable to get into Clever, it showed them nothing but a screen that said “Uh Oh”, making it impossible to get into Canvas.

On the other hand, there was a small percentage of students who were able to log into Clever and Canvas with no problems.

“The first day of school went well for me actually,” sophomore Veronica Ramirez said. “I was one of the few people that had no issues logging in. It was kind of stressful but overall good.”

Although a handful of students were able to access the website, many were not causing a huge set back in the school day.

Everything was unavailable and students were kicked from the website. Quickly, confusion set in for our Miners here at Sunrise Mountain.

“I anticipated we would have issues,” school Principal Mr. Adams said, “especially with the large number of students joining all at once.”

Calls and emails from concerned parents and students flooded into the district as staff members tried to rectify the situation.

“We did receive many phone calls to the school from students and parents who weren’t sure what to do on the first day,” assistant principal Ms. Loewy said, “but office staff was able to easily help the students and families navigate their virtual classes.”

Soon enough, a solution for the students arrived. A list with all the teachers names and google meet links was sent out. 

“I would say that it was a good thing that we had anticipated that there may be a problem and put the Google Links out on the Website so that students were able to follow their virtual schedules and log into all of their classes,” said assistant principal Ms. Shive. “We are in the fifth largest school district in the nation, so there are bound to be issues from time to time with technology.

“But overall, I am very proud of the students and the teachers for all of their hard work and dedication, getting this all off the ground and up and running.”

Although some of the stress was taken off of the administrators now that the list was out, students and teachers still struggled throughout the day.

Some people had connection issues or they were just confused on how to get around on Canvas.

“The first day of school was about what I expected…a bit chaotic, some questions went unanswered, and I had to work around Canvas going on and off,” social studies teacher Mr. Rush said.

It may have been hectic on the staff members, but students were in a whirlwind of overwhelming confusion as the day went on.

“It was stressful and confusing at the same time,” said junior Nalah Maldonado. “When Canvas went down I was nervous, because I thought it was just me and I would be late, but then I found out everyone had issues.” 

It was a hassle for the whole student body, a lot of them didn’t know what was happening.

By the end of the day there were no more problems overall and students could fully focus on their classes.

Luckily the district hasn’t had any recurring crashing incidents since and hopefully the rest of this social distancing learning can continue to go smoothly.