Fall Sports In February? Winter Sports First? Both Are Possible


Photo by Julissa Beltran

Lizbeth Martin-Martin, Sports Editor

This school year is like no other school we have ever experienced. Students weren’t going back to school. Instead school was going to be online. That meant fall sports were temporarily cancelled.

According to the letter that the NIAA sent to all high schools, fall sports might return in late February 2021.

Assuming it is cleared by the state, the school district and the NIAA, winter sports will return first. They will start practicing in early winter and the season may begin January 2021. Spring season sports practices will begin April 2021. These are dates set by the NIAA it could be changed anytime.

“We are taking social distancing and safety precautions for all the sports and meeting regularly to ensure that these protocols are in place before we return to practices,” said assistant principal Ms.Nuanez.

Each season would have six weeks of competition. Safety precautions will be taken to ensure each athlete is safe as well as the coaches.

Currently the NIAA has stated that there will be no state tournament for any sports. Sports practices are all controlled by the state government. Precautions that are given to the schools come from the local health departments.

On the other hand, how will the athletes and coaches adjust to this new normal? 

“Seeing that they are already doing a lot in order to make sure we are safe at school, I would feel safe doing sports expecting them to take the same precautions,” said junior soccer player Katheryn Barajas. “I also overall wouldn’t mind soccer being in the winter/spring because it’ll be cooler out and we won’t have the sun beating down on as much.” 

“I currently play soccer with friends and random people at the park and I feel safe, so I wouldn’t feel any different,” said senior soccer player Lauren Arias. “With the school soccer team I hope we get a chance to play since it’ll be my first year playing, but also my last.”

For many other seniors this is the only year they will experience high school sports. In addition for some students, this school year it will be their first year playing sports. 

On the schools website there is a letter from the NIAA that states all the precautions, and dates for the sports seasons.